Data Quality impacts many aspects of an organization's ability to operate.  Reports are inaccurate when data is not grouped properly.  Inconsistent coded values between systems prevent true understanding of risk.  Clarvoynt helps to resolve these issues and adds value to any project.

  • Comprehensive indexing of every data value, numbers, dates, and each word in text fields.
  • Click on any value for immediate linking to all other instances across all systems.
  • Automated reporting on each database table, showing lists of unique data values for each column, sorted alphabetically or by frequency (with counts displayed).
  • Aligning coded values between similar systems for risk or other assessments (e.g. collateral codes amongst multiple loan systems) .
  • Locate specific word types or misspellings as well as implement complex data rule validation. 

Databases can enforce non-null and data type enforcement.  However, many business rules will test a column's value against that of another attribute, possibly in a related table.  Clarvoynt is a powerful platform enabling a range of data validation and integrity checks.